Daily Holy Bible


-2103 02 27 Genesis 8 Noah builded an altar unto YHVH and offered burnt offerings
-1737 XX XX Genesis 12 Abram builded an altar unto YHVH, and called upon YHVH
-17XX XX XX Genesis 13 Abram dwelt in Mamre and built there an altar unto YHVH
-17XX XX XX Genesis 22 Abraham built an altar and bound Yitzhaq his son


20And Noah builded an altar unto YHVH; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

GENESIS 12:6-8 (KJV)

6And Abram passed through the land unto the place of Shekhem, unto the plain of Moreh. And the Kana’anite was then in the land. 7And YHVH appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an altar unto YHVH, who appeared unto him. 8And he removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bet-El, and pitched his tent, having Bet-El on the west, and Ay on the east: and there he builded an altar unto YHVH, and called upon the name of YHVH.

GENESIS 13:3-4, 18 (KJV)

3And he went on his journeys from the south even to Bet-El, unto the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Bet-El and the Ay; 4Unto the place of the altar, which he had made there at the first: and there Abram called on the name of YHVH.

18Then Abram removed his tent, and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built there an altar unto YHVH.


9And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Yitzhaq his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood.