Daily Holy Bible

XXXX XX XX Ex 2:1-10 EXODUS MOSES born, rescued by Pharaoh's daughter.
-XXXX XX XX Ex 2:11-14 EXODUS Moses slays an Egyptian
-XXXX XX XX Ex 2:15-25 EXODUS Moses flees, marries Zipporah, Pharaoh dies
-XXXX XX XX Ex 3 EXODUS God calls Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt
Ex 4 EXODUS God gives Moses the signs, and Moses returns to Egypt
Ex 5 EXODUS Moses and Aaron's first audience before Pharaoh
Ex 6 EXODUS God answers Moses' complaint, and genealogy of Moses and Aaron
Moses 80
Aaron 83
Ex 7 EXODUS Aaron performs the first sign for Pharaoh
Ex 8 EXODUS Plagues of frogs, flies, and gnats in Egypt
Ex 9 EXODUS Plague on livestock, and plagues of boils and hail
Ex 10 EXODUS Plagues of locust and darkness
Ex 11 EXODUS Moses warns Pharaoh of the death of Egypt's first born sons
-1275 XX XX
Egypt 430
Ex 12:1-28 EXODUS The Passover and death of the first born Egyptian sons
Ex 12:29-51 EXODUS The Passover
Ex 13 EXODUS Dedication of the first born
Ex 14 EXODUS Parting of the Red Sea
Ex 15 EXODUS Song of Moses and the Hebrews
2 mos. 15 days Ex 16 EXODUS God privides Manna
Ex 17 EXODUS Water from the rock
Ex 18 EXODUS Jethro visits Moses
3 months Ex 19 EXODUS Mount Sinai
Ex 20 EXODUS The Ten Commandments
Ex 21 EXODUS Laws concerning slavery
Ex 22 EXODUS Laws of moral responsibility
Ex 23 EXODUS Laws of justice and mercy
Ex 24 EXODUS Covenant is sealed
Ex 25 EXODUS Offerings for the Tabernacle
Ex 26 EXODUS The plan for the Tabernacle
Ex 27 EXODUS Altar and burnt sacrifices
Ex 28 EXODUS Vestments for the priests
Ex 29 EXODUS Ordination of Aaron and his sons
Ex 30 EXODUS Altar of incense, bronze basin
Ex 31 EXODUS Artisans for the Tabernacle
Ex 32 EXODUS The golden calf
Ex 33 EXODUS God commands Israel away
Ex 34 EXODUS New Tablets of the Law
Ex 35 EXODUS Sabbath law, materials gathered
Ex 36 EXODUS Construction of the Tabernacle
Ex 37 EXODUS The Ark of the Covenant
Ex 38 EXODUS Construction of the altar
Ex 39 EXODUS Creation of priestly vestments
1 year Ex 40 EXODUS Teberancle erected and annointed
-1271 XX XX 2-1-02 NUMBERS NUMBERS Chapter 33
-152X XX XX Num 46:11, I Chr 1:10b Names which came into Egypt: Sons of Levi
Jos 1 JOSHUA God commands Joshua to lead Israel into Canaan
Jos 2 JOSHUA Joshua sends spies into Canaan
Jos 3 JOSHUA Israel crosses the Jordan
Jos 4 JOSHUA Twelve memorial stones are set up
Jos 5 JOSHUA The Israelite men are circumcised at Gilgal
Jos 6 JOSHUA The fall of Jericho
Joshua 7
I Chronicles 2:7
JOSHUA Achan defies the ban and is punished
Jos 8 JOSHUA The battle and destruction of Ai
Jos 9 JOSHUA The Gibeonites deceive Israel and make a treaty
Jos 10 JOSHUA Five Amorite kings make war on Gibeon
Jos 11 JOSHUA Israel victorious over the northern Canaanite kings
Jos 12 JOSHUA List of the kings conquered by Israel
Jos 13 JOSHUA Territory remaining to be conquered
-1230 XX XX Jos 14 JOSHUA Division of the land west of the Jordan
Jos 15 JOSHUA Territory allotted to the tribe of Judah
Jos 16 JOSHUA Territory allotted to the tribe of Ephraim
Jos 17 JOSHUA Territory allotted to West Manasseh
Jos 18 JOSHUA Division of the rest of the land
Jos 19 JOSHUA Territory allotted to the tribe of Simeon
Jos 20 JOSHUA Designation of the cities of refuge
Jos 21 JOSHUA Cities of the Levites
Jos 22 JOSHUA Joshua sends the eastern tribes home
Jos 23 JOSHUA Joshua's farewell speech to Israel
-1210 XX XX Jos 24 JOSHUA The Covenant renewed at Shechem, and the death of Joshua
Jud 1 JUDGES Tribes of Israel conquer the remaining Canaanites
Jud 2 JUDGES Traitors to God, part 4
Jud 3 JUDGES The gentile nations remaining among Israel
Jud 4 JUDGES Battle in the Storm, part 1
Jud 5 JUDGES Battle in the Storm, part 2
Jud 6 JUDGES Angry Mob of Baal, part 1
Jud 7 JUDGES Angry Mob of Baal, part 2/Philistine Raiders
Jud 8 JUDGES The death of Gideon
Jud 9 JUDGES Abimelech becomes king and is cursed by Jotham
Jud 10 JUDGES The judges Tola and Jair
Jud 11 JUDGES Jephthah subdues the Ammonites and makes a vow
Jud 12 JUDGES The tribe of Ephraim and Gilead wage war
Jud 13 JUDGES The conception and birth of Samson the Nazarite
Jud 14 JUDGES Attacked by a Lion
Jud 15 JUDGES Samson’s Revenge, part 2
Jud 16 JUDGES The Gaza Trap, part 2
Jud 17 JUDGES Micah's shrine of idols
Jud 18 JUDGES The Danites search for territory
Jud 19 JUDGES The crime at Gibeah
Jud 20 JUDGES Israel's victory over the tribe of Benjamin
Jud 21 JUDGES Wives found for the remnant of Benjamin
XXXX XX XX Ruth 1 Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem
XXXX XX XX Ruth 2 Ruth kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to glean
XXXX XX XX Ruth 3 Ruth came softly, and uncovered Boaz’s feet, and laid her down
I Chronicles 2:9-16
Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife