Daily Holy Bible



XXXX XX XX 1 All of Job’s possessions are destroyed and his offspring killed.
XXXX XX XX 2 Job’s wife prompts him to “curse God, and die” but he refuses.
XXXX XX XX 3 Job expresses his misery. He longs for death and wishes he had never been born.
XXXX XX XX 4 Eliphaz tells Job that punishment may justly be inflicted for secret sins.
XXXX XX XX 5 Eliphaz tells Job to trust in God and not to lose faith in the face of adversity.
XXXX XX XX 6 Job maintains that his suffering is unjustified and seeks an explanation from God.
XXXX XX XX 7 Job complains about his condition and says that death is preferable to life.
XXXX XX XX 8 Bildad the Shuhite posits that Job’s children must have been sinful.
XXXX XX XX 9 Job answers Bildad and wishes for a mediator between himself and God.
XXXX XX XX 10 Job wants to ask God why he’s being punished while wickedness goes unpunished.
XXXX XX XX 11 Zophar the Naamathite suggests that Job’s suffering could be divine punishment.
XXXX XX XX 12 Job responds to Zophar and says that the world is in God’s hands.
XXXX XX XX 13 Job tells his friends they have misunderstood the situation and that he is righteous.
XXXX XX XX 14 Job talks about life and death and what happens to man after death.
XXXX XX XX 15 Eliphaz says no man is innocent, censuring Job for asserting his freedom from guilt.
XXXX XX XX 16 Job wishes that he had someone to plead with God for him.
XXXX XX XX 17 Job again speaks of death and says he is ready and waiting to return to dust.
XXXX XX XX 18 Bildad maintains that Job’s misfortune must be the result of sin.
XXXX XX XX 19 Job says his friends and family are against him; proclaims, “I know that my redeemer lives.”
XXXX XX XX 20 Zophar replies angrily, going into great detail about the consequences of sin.
XXXX XX XX 21 Job says the wicked are not punished on Earth, that many live long, prosperous lives.
XXXX XX XX 22 Eliphaz makes accusations against Job and says that Job has turned away from God.
XXXX XX XX 23 Job wants to defend himself before God, but he says that God is hiding from him.
XXXX XX XX 24 Job says that sin abounds and goes unpunished, but that God will judge all sinners.
XXXX XX XX 25 Bildad interjects that lowly man cannot compare himself to the greatness of God.
XXXX XX XX 26 Job agrees that God is far mightier than man, but fails to find that knowledge useful.
XXXX XX XX 27 Job maintains he is righteous, describing the punishment the wicked receive from God.
XXXX XX XX 28 Job says that man knows where to find precious metals and jewels, but not wisdom.
XXXX XX XX 29 Job mourns for his children and his respected position in the community.
XXXX XX XX 30 Job says he’s become the object of ridicule in the community because of his affliction.
XXXX XX XX 31 Job says that God knows his integrity. He talks about the good things he’s done.
XXXX XX XX 32 Elihu, angry at Job’s self-justification, decides to interject his opinion.
XXXX XX XX 33 Elihu says that God, being greater than man, chastens him and delivers his soul.
XXXX XX XX 34 Elihu strongly condemns the approach taken by Job’s three friends.
XXXX XX XX 35 Elihu asks Job if he thinks he is more righteous than God.
XXXX XX XX 36 Elihu argues for God’s power, redemptive salvation, and absolute rightness.
XXXX XX XX 37 Elihu acts in a prophetic role preparatory to the appearance of God.
XXXX XX XX 38 God asks if Job has ever had the experiences or the authority that God has had.
XXXX XX XX 39 God emphasizes His sovereignty in creating and maintaining the world.
XXXX XX XX 40 God challenges Job to compare himself with God’s judgment, strength and glory.
XXXX XX XX 41 God describes in detail leviathan, asking Job whether he could master such a beast.
XXXX XX XX 42 God condemns Job’s friends for their lack of understanding. Job is restored.