Daily Holy Bible



-09XX XX XX 1 Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, YHVH hath charged me to build him an house
-09XX XX XX 2 People, houses and cities whose inhabitants returned to Jerusalem.
-0962 XX XX 3 Feast of Tabernacles, foundations of the Temple are laid.
-09XX XX XX 4 Letter to Artaxerxes, construction of the Temple interrupted.
-09XX XX XX 5 Zerubbabel and Joshua recommence the building of the Temple.
-09XX XX XX 6 The Temple is finished and is dedicated.
-09XX XX XX 7 Ezra brings to Jerusalem all captives that remain in Babylon.
-09XX XX XX 8 Ezra and the people fast and pray for guidance.
-09XX XX XX 9 Ezra prays to God and confesses the sins of the people of Israel.
-0922 XX XX 10 Those who have taken foreign wives are compelled to send them away.