Daily Holy Bible








I Sam 1 I SAMUEL The birth of Samuel
I Chr 6:23a I CHRONICLES Elkanah his son
I Sam 2 I SAMUEL Hannah's song of thanksgiving
-1141 XX XX
Eli 98
I Sam 4 I SAMUEL The Philistines capture the Ark of the Covenant
I Sam 5 I SAMUEL The ark among the Philistines
I Sam 6 I SAMUEL The return of the Ark
I Samuel 7
II Samuel 17:25
I Chronicles 2:17
I SAMUEL Samuel defeats the Philistines and rules Israel
I Sam 8 I SAMUEL Israel asks for a king
I Sam 9 I SAMUEL Samuel and Saul meet
-1021 XX XX I Sam 10 I SAMUEL שאול בן־קיש (Shaul ben Qish) becomes king of Israel.
I Sam 11 I SAMUEL Saul defeats the Ammonites.
I Sam 12 I SAMUEL Samuel’s farewell speech to Israel
-1019 XX XX I Sam 13 I SAMUEL Saul wars against Philistines, rebuked by Samuel
I Sam 14 I SAMUEL Jonathan attacks the Philistines
I Sam 15 I SAMUEL War against Amalekites, God rejects Saul as king
I Sam 16 I SAMUEL Samuel meets David in Bethlehem.
I Sam 17 I SAMUEL David and Goliath
I Sam 18 I SAMUEL David slays 200 Philistines, weds Michal.
I Sam 19:1-11 I SAMUEL Saul seeks to kill David.
Ps 59 PSALMS David's prayer when Saul sent men to his house to kill him
I Sam 19:12-24 I SAMUEL Michal helps David escape.
I Sam 20 I SAMUEL Jonathan learns of Saul’s intention to kill David.
I Sam 21 I SAMUEL David flees to Ahimelech
I Sam 22 I SAMUEL David hides in a cave, and then a forest.
Ps 52 PSALMS David laments of the depravity of man.
I Sam 23:1-18 I SAMUEL Saul pursues David
Ps 63 PSALMS Song of desire for God
I Sam 23:19-26 I SAMUEL Ziphites help Saul find David.
Ps 54 PSALMS David's prayer when the Ziphites betrayed him to Saul
I Sam 27-29 I SAMUEL Philistines attack Israel, Saul stops pursuing David.
Ps 57 PSALMS David's prayer when he fled from Saul into the cave
Ps 142 PSALMS Prayer of David when he hid in a cave
I Sam 24 I SAMUEL Saul catches up to David, David spares Saul’s life.
I Sam 25 I SAMUEL The death of Samuel
I Sam 26 I SAMUEL David spares Saul’s life a second time.
I Sam 27:1-7 I SAMUEL David resides amongst the Philistines
Ps 56 PSALMS David seeks mercy, trusts in and praises the Lord, and thanks him for deliverance.
I Sam 27:8-12 I SAMUEL David invades Geshurites, Gezrites, and Amalekites.
I Sam 28 I SAMUEL Saul consults a witch to talk to Samuel.
I Sam 29 I SAMUEL The Philistines send David and his men away.
I Sam 30 I SAMUEL David battles the Amalekites at Ziklag.
-1000 XX XX I Sam 31
I Chr 10
Saul died, and his three sons, and all his men.