Daily Holy Bible






-0849 XX XX II Kings 1 Elijah said unto Ahaziah, Thou shalt surely die.
-084X XX XX II Kings 2 Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
-0849 XX XX II Kings 3 Jehoram began to reign over Israel.
-08XX XX XX II Kings 4 Elisha lay on a dead child and the child waxed warm
-08XX XX XX II Kings 5 Naaman dipped himself in Jordan, and he was clean.
-08XX XX XX II Kings 6 Benhadad king of Syria besieged Samaria.
-08XX XX XX II Kings 7 YHVH made the Syrians to hear a noise of a great host
-0849 XX XX II Kings 8 YHVH hath called for a famine
-0842 XX XX II Kings 9 Elish said, The dogs shall eat Jezebel
-0842 XX XX II Kings 10 Jehu slew all that remained unto Ahab
-0842 XX XX II Kings 11 Athaliah destroyed all the seed royal
-0837 XX XX II Kings 12 Jehoash did that which was right in the sight of YHVH.
-0922 XX XX II Chronicles 10 Rehoboam advised to burden the people.
-09XX XX XX II Chronicles 11 Rehoboam prepares for war against the new kingdom of Israel.
-0917 XX XX II Chronicles 12 God sends Shishaq to besiege Jerusalem.
-0915 XX XX II Chronicles 13 Abijah wages a major battle against King Jeroboam.
-0913 XX XX II Chronicles 14 Asa bans idolatry, and defeats Ethiopia.
-09XX XX XX II Chronicles 15 Asa organizes major religious reform.
-08XX XX XX II Chronicles 16 King Baasha of Israel attackes the Kingdom of Judah.
-0873 XX XX II Chronicles 17 Jehoshaphat fortifies his kingdom against Israel, destroys images of Baal.
-0850 XX XX II Chronicles 18 Micaiah predicts failure in battle with Aram.
-08XX XX XX II Chronicles 19 Jehu the prophet tells Jehoshaphat the wrath of God is upon him.
-08XX XX XX II Chronicles 20 Moabites and Ammonites invade Judah. Jehoshaphat trusts God.
-0849 XX XX II Chronicles 21 The prophet Elijah warns Jehoram that God will punish him.
-0842 XX XX II Chronicles 22 Ahaziah and Jehoram are defeated at Aram.
-0837 XX XX II Chronicles 23 Jehoiada the priest stages a revolt to kill the Queen.
Jehu Year 7
II Kings 12:1-5
II Chr. 24:1-5
The reign of Joash in Judah
-0815 XX XX II Ki 10:35-36, 13:1-7 Jehoahaz did that which was evil in the sight of YHVH.
Joash Year 23
II Kings 12:6-16
II Chr. 24:6-14
Repairs on the temple in Jerusalem
-08XX XX XX II Chr. 24:15-24 Judah falls into idolatry and is invaded by Arameans.
-08XX XX XX II Ki 12:17-18 Gifts given to Hazael
-0801 XX XX
Jehoahaz year 17
Joash year 37
II Kings 13:9-12 Jehoash son of Jehoahaz becomes king of Israel.
-0800 XX XX
Joash (Judah) Year 40
Joash (Israel) Year 2
II Ki 12:19-21
II Ki 14:1-4
II Chr. 24:25-27
II Chr. 25:1-2
King Amaziah of Judah
-079X XX XX II Ki 14:5-6 Amaziah spares the children of the conspirators.
-079X XX XX II Ki 13:14-19 Jehoash of Israel consults Elisha.
-079X XX XX II Ki 13:20-21 Elisha dies.
-079X XX XX II Ki 13:22-23 Hazael oppresses Israel.
-079X XX XX II Ch 25:5-10 Amaziah gathers an army.
-0796 XX XX II Kings 13:24 Ben-Hadad III becomes King of Aram Damascus.
-079X XX XX II Kings 13:25 Joash of Israel recovers the cities lost to Hazael.
-07XX XX XX II Kings 14:7
II Chron 25:11
Jehoash of Israel consults Elisha.
-07XX XX XX II Ch 25:12-16 Amaziah turns from God.
-07XX XX XX II Kings 14:8-14
II Chr. 25:17-24
Amaziah raids Jerusalem.
-07XX XX XX II Kings 14:15 The remainder of Joash’s reign.
-0786 XX XX
Amaziah year 15
Joash (Israel) year 16
II Kings 13:13
II Ki 14:16, 23
King Jeroboam of Israel.
-0783 XX XX II Ki 14:17-18
II Chr 25:25-26
The remainder of Amaziah.
-0783 XX XX II Ki 14:19-20
II Chr 25:27-28
Conspiracy against Amaziah.
-0783 XX XX
Amaziah year 29
Jeroboam year 27
II Kings 14:21
II Ki 15:1-2
II Chr 26:1-3
Uzziah son of Amaziah, also known as Azariah becomes king of Judah.